What Is An Electric Skillet?

What Is an Electric Skillet and other FAQs

I get asked a lot of questions about electric skillets, so I decided to make this post to answer those questions.

One of the most frequently asked questions is… (no points for guessing)….

What Is An Electric Skillet?

An electric skillet is a skillet or frying pan that is powered by electricity and can prepare food without a stove top. It’s easy to use: Just plug into a power outlet and go!

How Does It Work?

The electric skillet incorporates a heating element in the pan that is controlled by a temperature probe. It comes with heat-insulated legs, so it can stand on a counter-top.

What Is An electric Skillet Used for?

An electric skillet can be used for a lot things, but it all depends on the shape, size and the material it’s made of.

Generally, electric skillets can be used to sauté,(stir) fry, braise, grill and even deep fry food. Deep frying is best done with an electric skillet with high sides.

Electric Skillet vs Stove Top

An electric skillet is available in several shapes, such as round, square or rectangle, whereas a stove top skillet is usually round.

Also an electric skillet has a better heat regulation thanks to the heating element. It allows the electric frying pan to maintain a desired temperature, which can not be achieved with a stove top skillet.

Finally, electric skillets usually have straighter sides than a stove top skillet, making an electric skillet more versatile than a stove top skillet.

Which Electric Skillet Is The Best

In general terms the best electric skillet would be the Presto 06852 or the Presto 06857. That’s because they are bestsellers(and have been for years), but that does not mean they are the best electric skillet for you!

Ask yourself what you will be using an electric skillet for and for how many people. Do you prefer a cast iron, non stick Teflon, ceramic or a stainless steel electric skillet?

What size skillet do you want and with low or high sides?

So many questions!

Stay tuned; I will have an electric skillet comparison page up very soon. It will help you make your choice a lot easier!

How To Clean An Electric Skillet

Cleaning an electric skillet is usually easy, but depends on the material it’s made of.

First of all, refer to the manufacturers manual that came with the appliance for cleaning instructions on your particular model.

Most of the electric skillets today have a detachable temperature probe. When removed the skillet may be suitable for hand washing or can even be popped in the dishwasher.

Where To Buy an Electric Skillet?

There are many places to buy an electric skillet, but Amazon and Walmart have a great selection to choose from.

I hope I was able to answer some of your burning questions about electric skillets. If you have a question, drop a comment below and I’ll do my best to answer it for you!