Dash Rapid Electric Skillet: A Red Hot Electric Skillet

Dash Rapid Electric Skillet

Are you looking for a red electric skillet? They are hard to find, but we found one, and it’s a good one too! It’s the Dash Rapid Electric Skillet!

It heats up to 450 degrees almost instantly, which is the reason they call it the Dash Rapid Electric Skillet.

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Dash Rapid Electric SkilletDash Rapid Electric Skillet: A Red Hot Electric Skillet 1

The Dash Rapid Electric Skillet has a large 14 inch cooking surface which makes it perfectly suited for a family dinner or entertaining. The ceramic non stick coating makes this red electric skillet a healthy one too.

Ceramic is a natural coating, the traditional Teflon coating is a chemical one. Ceramic doesn’t chip or flake, Teflon can, and I’d rather not ingest the stuff.

This vibrant looking Dash Rapid Electric Skillet can do it all. Bake, scramble, sauté, simmer you name it, it can all be done in one pan.

Delicious spaghetti and meatballs, pizza, stews, lasagna, steaks and sauces. Your newly found kitchen buddy will prepare it for you.

The durable ceramic coating makes cleaning a breeze, food sticking to the pan is thing of the past.

Cleaning the skillet is just a wipe with a paper towel. Not bad at all I’d say!


Never use metal utensils on a ceramic non stick coating as it can damage the coating.

Always use wooden or silicone kitchen utensils when cooking. This way you’ll enjoy your Dash electric skillet the longest.

The tempered glass lid will keep your food nice and warm and the cool touch handles will make it easy to move the skillet from the kitchen to the table. The colorful design of the Dash electric skillet gives it a nice tabletop presentation as well. Looks good and keeps the food warm, what more do you want?

This red electric skillet comes with an electric skillet recipe book and offers access to a recipe database with thousands of recipes.

Dash Rapid Electric SkilletDash Rapid Electric Skillet: A Red Hot Electric Skillet 1Dash Rapid Electric Skillet Features

  • Large 14 inch cooking surface, 2.5 inch deep
  • Heats up rapidly (up to 450 degrees)
  • Adjustable, detachable thermostat temperature control
  • Ultra durable, healthy, ceramic non stick coating
  • Tempered glass lid
  • Cool touch handles
  • Comes with a recipe book and free access to an online recipe database
  • 1300 watts


  • Looks great on the table
  • Heats up quickly therefore saves time
  • A breeze to clean (just wipe it with a paper towel)
  • Great for stews and casseroles
  • Large skillet is perfect for family sized meals


  • Can not be immersed in water
  • The temperature setting has a bit of a learning curve (High = really hot)


A great skillet for families that can make large meals. The ceramic coating is much healthier and preferable to Teflon coating. Can’t beat it for the price!

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