Aroma AFP-1600S Stainless Steel Electric Skillet

Aroma AFP 1600S Gourmet Series Stainless Steel Electric Skillet

Finding a good stainless steel electric skillet is not easy as the choice is so limited. Finding one that is affordable is even harder, and finding one under $60? Well good luck!

However we have found a stainless steel electric skillet that not only looks great, but is affordable as well.

I couldn’t believe it myself at first, so we gave the Aroma AFP-1600S a shot.

In a rush?

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Aroma AFP-1600S Features

  • Dimensions 15.8 x 1.8 x 11.8 inches
  • Weight 5 lb
  • Temperature control 225-425 Fahrenheit
  • Can be used for both cooking and serving
  • Tempered glass lid

First off: This is a real stainless steel electric skillet made of high quality 18/10 stainless steel. This means that the steel has an 18 percent chromium and 10 percent nickel content.

That’s the quality we’re looking for.

This electric skillet heats up like a rocket. The reason it heats up so quickly is the one layer of aluminum sandwiched between two stainless steel layers.

The result is extremely fast heat distribution and lots of happy faces, because this thing reduces cooking time and is lightning fast!

This stainless steel electric skillet has flexible easy to set temperature control. It can be set from 225 to 425 degrees Fahrenheit, perfect temperature control all the way!

You can let the Aroma AFP-1600S fry, simmer, griddle, stir fry, braise or whatever culinary adventures you may want to undertake.

The only small negative is that the handles conduct heat, you’ll need pot holders to move the skillet.

 Aroma AFP-1600S Stainless Steel Electric Skillet 1Aroma AFP-1600S Stainless Steel Electric Skillet 2Pros

  • Made from high quality stainless steel
  • Elegant, classic design
  • Heats quickly and evenly
  • Tempered glass lid allows you to monitor the food


  • Too hot to handle without pot holders
  • A pouring spout would have been nice

Aroma AFP 1600S Gourmet Series Stainless Steel Electric SkilletAroma AFP-1600S Stainless Steel Electric Skillet 2Conclusion

The skillet is a breeze to clean, one of the advantages of stainless steel. It does not have a Teflon non stick coating, which is great, no chipping, so no nasty stuff in your food. The Aroma AFP-1600s has a nice lid made of tempered glass, to keep the food warm and to let you monitor the cooking process.

A design that makes you smile because it looks much more expensive than it really is. And this stainless steel electric skillet looks great as an upmarket serving dish as well.

Looks great in the kitchen and even better on the table!

Aroma AFP-1600S Stainless Steel Electric Skillet 2